Glyco Mask
The roduct is a clay mask that will purify the skin whilst the actives will allow for immediate tightening and exfoliation whilst moisturizing. The result is a radiant, tightened and glowing skin.

Melano Fade Mask
Helps to reduce skin pigmentation/age spots.

Rejuvenating Mask
The mask is an ideal booster for tired and dehydrated skin.

Clarifying Mask
A revitalizing mask for mature skin that removes impurities, excess oil and refines skin texture.

Super Hydrating Mask
A moisture rich cream mask to supplement, soothe and hydrate dry and dehydrated skin conditions.

Anti ageing leave on mask
A nourishing overnight face mask treatment with a complex of actives to re-charge the skin, resulting in a plump, Moisturised and radiant skin